Mara Measor is a singer-songwriter from Hong Kong who writes and records in New York City. Her latest book and album, Naked Prayers, was released in November 2015.


Mara Measor is a passionate singer, writer and actor. With hundreds of music and acting appearances, she has made a name for herself in New York's prominent music and theater scene. But Mara isn't the product of a musical family. Instead, she is the youngest daughter of Hong Kong-based stock guru Tony Measor, who was a prominent figure in the finance scene. Mara chose a career in the arts and performs her gentle soul/folk music across the US and China. 

Deemed "one to watch" by Audrey Magazine, Mara was noticed by five-time Emmy Award winner Jamie Lawrence upon graduating from the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. She signed with his label, and have since released three albums. Her latest project, Naked Prayers, was released in November 2015. Mara now travels to share her story about communicating to God through doodles and songs. 

Mara's work has been featured in: