Syria + Iraq



I am reminded this week of the constant pain and suffering that so many are facing in Syria and Iraq. 

I am frustrated (angry) that so many homes have been destroyed, and so many futures have been wiped -- and I don't see an end in sight (yet).

I am sad that I am helpless, another world away in my comfortable NYC life. I can't physically help anyone, I can't comfort anyone, I can't do anything... But tell you about it.

I believe you are a God of justice. I believe you hate evil and that there is no power above yours. 

I confess my understanding and vision is so embarrassingly limited, but God, hear my prayers, and make your presence known in the midst of the conflict.

I pray that those who have been displaced and see no way home will stand together and build a new future, in hope and love. I pray that your voice will be heard amidst the chaos. I pray that leaders can be bold, take courage, and follow through on actions that can make a difference. I pray that those who have seen unspeakable violence will not lose faith. I pray that those who are vulnerable to ISIS' indoctrination can open their eyes to recognize the lies and oppression. I pray that people around the world will not forget or turn away from what is happening, but that they will call to you together. I pray that evil and hardened hearts will turn from darkness. I pray, I pray, I pray... 

Teach us all to be peacemakers even if we can't see the situation with our own eyes.

Mara MeasorComment