Stop One: Chicago


Last week, I made a trip to Chicago to share the story behind Naked Prayers. I had been contacted a few months ago by the loveliest lady, Susan Diamond, the founder of Prayables, a multi-faith organization encouraging people of all faiths to pray together. Susan was moved by the work I was doing, and asked if she could host a few events in Chicago to spread the story. I said, sure! I had received another invitation from a TV show, called The Harvest Show, in South Bend, Indiana - so we decided to put everything together into one trip.

The first stop was an intimate release party in a little theater in the Flat Iron Arts Building.


Next, I performed some songs and shared from the book at an event in Northbrook, sponsored by a bookstore named Bookbin.


Two days later, Mark and I woke up at 5am to drive form Chicago to South Bend for the TV interview. We were asked to arrive by 8:30am, and we thought we would be well on time. But at 7:30am, when I checked my phone, for some reason it said 8:30am, and Mark and I realized we had TOTALLY forgotten about the time difference between Illinois and Indiana! We freaked out and drove as fast as we could, and finally arrived at the station 8 minutes before the show began! 

Here is the interview:


And finally, I leave you with how excited I was to be at a TV station!


All images by Mark Chou Photography.