Behind the "In Quietness" Music Video


When I met with the director Matthew Perkins to discuss this music video, the big question was, with our (very) limited budget, how do we tell a good story?

At first I just wanted to go the easy (boring) route and just have Matt take a video of me singing through the song. Thankfully, Matt was like, eh... So we thought harder about what story we could tell with, well, basically no money.

In Quietness is a song about finding a quiet place to communicate with God. I realized there was an inherent tension about singing this song in New York City, the least quiet city I know. So we thought, what if we just walked through the city while singing the song? As for the story, maybe the video is EXACTLY about being inspired by the hustle and bustle of New York - to find a quiet place. Drift Studios was perfect for our quiet place, with it's pristine white walls. 

So then we started filming. 

And created the music video: