A week in Shanghai

Thanks to the Chinese government, I just enjoyed an 8 day cleanse from Facebook. I did panic half way through and wondered if I was technically friendless for that week. (I decided technically, yes I was.)

But social anxiety aside, I had a wonderful time in Shanghai. I was there to sing at a Porsche event at the Peninsula hotel. I can't say I'm the craziest car fan (hard to be, without a license), but I will definitely say Porsche has some pretty sweet models. 

For five nights, I sang a series of Jazz standards with a sprinkle of Mandarin tunes. I'm very proud to say I introduced myself and spoke throughout the evenings in Mandarin. I have no idea if I was comprehensible, but it felt good anyhow.

Someone requested "Moon River" on the fourth night. I'd never sung that song in public before; in my mind it always felt like a sacred piece claimed by Louis Armstrong. But singing that song whilst overlooking the river from the 11th floor Terrace on the Bund was a pretty transcendent experience. Thank you, Henry Mancini, for writing perhaps one of the most beautiful compositions. Ever.

And thank you Shanghai, I hope to be back soon!

Mara Measor1 Comment