Birth of an album

For the past two years, I’ve been collaborating with the wonderful Jamie Lawrence, writing and recording and making music that makes me go to sleep smiling. After hundreds of hours of work (and fun!) we have picked our favourite tracks to put in my first, self-titled album.

Where are we now?

The music is done, so as soon as we’re finished with the album art and the mastering, we’ll be sending our baby off to the disc makers!

Why August 2013? 

I'll be using the next 3 months to send out the CD to the press, closing my eyes and hoping for some sweet reviews, as well as travelling and sharing what I’m doing!

Also, I was born in August, so I guess I like that month.

What’s in this album?

The songs in the album are all original songs (except for one cover) that I wrote with Jamie over the past 2 years; songs from a half-Chinese, half-British girl living in New York on an alien visa who has faced a lot of uncertainty with a lot of melodies. We re-recorded and re-mixed a few tracks from the EP I released last year. There’s a song in Cantonese. There’s a string quartet, some sweet slide guitars by guest musicians. I actually play the electric guitar in a few songs (had to put that in – I’m eternally proud).

What now?

I’ll be headed to Shanghai to play a show in May, and then to Hong Kong for some more gigs in my lovely home city, and then back to New York and wherever else doors open! The next three months will be all about sharing my big fat passion to write and sing.

What can you do?

1. Send me a message and say, yay!

2. Follow our progress on my facebook page (Mara Measor), and be a fervent liker!

3. Share my music with your friends and puppies and distant cousins (in that order?)!