"Something More"

"Something More" is my first. This is the song that began the collaboration with my wonderful producer Jamie Lawrence, so I figure I'd honor it with a first mention.

I think like a child.

I think like a child.

I remember somebody once saying, "If you ever think to yourself: 'I'd be happy so long as I can _____; that _____ has become your idol." I'm fascinated by this thought, because I absolutely see it all around me. It's different for each person, but I'd say the one I hear most often boils down to: "if I could only make enough money, I'd be happy." 

But then you read any classic novel or look through the newspaper, and you see people spend a life's time and energy chasing their idol (some finding it) but still be as unhappy as ever.

"Something More" is about that. I think a bit like a ten year old, so I grossly simplified the _______ into three things. Sugar (and everything nice), Algebra (knowledge) and Kisses (boys boys boys). It'd be very nice if I could be happy so long as I have an infinite supply of Kit Kat, or if I knew everything, or if boys treat me really really really nice all the time; but honestly I've just never met anyone who has been truly deeply completely satisfied by anything this world offers.

We need (belated off-beat drum roll) something more.

Enter the "You" of the song. I always feel a bit too young to say anything conclusive, which is why the conclusion of this song is only a sneaking suspicion: maybe what we all need as we lay in bed in the quiet of the night when everything is a little faded, is the "You" that existed before time began. A creator that I suspect we all want to say hello to.

Click here to watch a lyric video of "something more".

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